Mountain cottage, 280 sqm, village - Jestrabi v Krkonosich, Krkonose - Krizlice, county Semily

Size of plot: 6 659 sqm
Floors: 2
Ownership: Personal 


Beautiful mountain cottage, 280 sqm. It is located in a nice environment - Krkonose National Park (often abbreviated as KRNAP), part of village - Jestrabi v Krkonosich. 

It has got 2 floors. 

It also includes land (6 659 sqm).

Basement floor: There is an utility room, approximately 35,0 sqm and authentic small cellar, both with separate access/entrance from outside.

First floor: There is a common room 44,0 sqm, hall 23,6 sqm, work room 14,5 sqm, technical room 12,0 sqm, bathroom 9,2 sqm, toilette 1,3 sqm, entrance room 5,8 sqm and storage space 6,3 sqm.

Second floor: It consists of 2 rooms (both with the same size 19,8 sqm), hobby room 28,7 sqm, hall 20,0 sqm, bedroom 25,8 sqm and bathroom with toilette 6,6 sqm. 

There is also a small livable attic and separate stowage space. 

Above standard furnished interior of the house - wooden floors, both bathrooms have got glassy bath shower with ceramic small bathtub and so on. 

Electricity supply with the circuit breaker 3x32A, water supply is from a private drilled well, waste is drained into a biological septic, heating is provided by central heating, floor heating on the first floor, fire stove on the second floor. Local heaters - fire stove located on the ground floor (hall), tiled stove located in the main living room on the ground floor. 

The building has got also alarm with GSM gateway, computer network and distribution of TV in each room. Internet connection allows transmission speeds of up to 60Gb / s.

There is an year-long access by car and parking space close to the house. 

It is ideal for family vacation, on the other hand it suits for permanent living too. 


Asking price: CZK 7.500.000,-

(including provision)
For more detailed information or property visit please contact: 
Lucie Liu Johnová: +420 602 311 458, email:
Marcela Vachtlová: +420 603 575 440, email:

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